At Cornerlink, we understand the excitement and challenges that come with starting a business or expanding into new markets and as a technology-driven company, we are committed to revolutionizing your entrepreneurial journey by infusing compliance and cutting-edge tech solutions, thus streamlining processes, eliminating paperwork, and eradicating delays that often impede progress.

Cornerlink employs effective compliance tactics to assist firms in protecting their brand, mitigating risk across several operational areas, and adhering to both internal and external regulatory requirements. We ensure that an organization’s legal requirements and internal policies are met. Some important qualities we are after include, but not limited to:

Attention to details

Attention to detail can assist professionals in performing risk assessments and evaluating processes to ensure they are operating at standard. Recognizing possible risk areas and addressing issues before they escalate can assist businesses in providing the greatest working conditions for their staff. Audits that are thoroughly reviewed can expose areas of poor performance and assist organizations in maintaining their industry reputations.


Integrity is a psychological process that entails being truthful, sincere, and ethical. It entails acting morally even when no one is looking. People with integrity treat others fairly and accept responsibility for their own emotions and actions. Integrity entails more than simply being truthful; it also entails operating ethically, consistently, and in a trustworthy manner. Personal integrity is an inborn moral commitment to do the right thing and reject the wrong.

Critical Thinking

We use critical thinking skills to examine situations in order to establish their feasibility and level of conformance to regulations and policies. We identify risk potential by thinking rationally about events. Critical thinking abilities can also assist professionals maintain objectivity, which can affect their capacity to make ethical and rational decisions and judgements.

To apply for a position, please send your CV and a cover letter to


We acknowledge that members of the Corner Link Administrative Team make significant contributions to the organization's success. They play an important part in keeping the company running smoothly and efficiently.

We welcome applications from diligent and self-motivated professionals seeking to join an elite firm.

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The Cornerlink Internship Program is an ideal blend of practical and theoretical experiences that expose interns to a wide range of advances in the compliance-tech business.

The program is expected to start at the beginning of the month, and applications are presently being accepted.

To apply for our internship programme, please send your CV and a cover letter to

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